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Light within the Darkness Book Cover by C.K. Carter

Light Within the Darkness

The forces of good and evil come in the form of two Alien species. The evil greys are determined to enslave mankind while the Guardians are trying to help the humans in their evolution. The story is about a brave group of humans that develop a mysterious disease and undergo a courageous journey to uncover the lies that are being hidden from the general populace. They team up with the Guardians to save those ready to take the next step. Follow the threads that will take you on an adventure that will inspire your own imagination and beg you to question what you believe to be true.

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A Word From C.K. Carter

Light Within the Darkness tells a tale of where we are at as a society and a possible future if we continue on our current path. It reveals the darker side to some of the seemingly good intentioned rules we have innocently agreed to ‘for the good of the whole’. When greed and politics rule the day, those things that are meant to protect us become an invasion of privacy, designed to trick and trap us into a lifestyle of overconsumption and waste. The struggle for power corrupts governments and corporate domination enslaves us. Throw in a few aliens and the whole agenda is designed to keep secrets. Dig deep to reveal the truth. Can we save ourselves from enslavement? The time to pull back the curtain has come. What we discover may be more terrifying than any alien invasion. Yet that too may be part of the agenda.
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