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Author: C.K. Carter
Rating: 9/10

Light within the darkness is an intriguing sci-fi adventure novel with an action packed battle of good and bad. Gear up for the most exciting podium of power, tricks, corruption and darkness being trampled by goodness and hope for a new future.

The story revolves around intergalactic travellers who have different motives for planet Earth. The evil Greys wanted to exploit the rich and abundant resources to ultimately dominate the planet while the Guardians who watched and aided human beings in their evolution, work tirelessly to help them restore balance.

However, when a group of humans go on a perilous journey to uncover the fragmented truths with the core of the issue, stakes begin to go higher than ever. The protagonist of the story is about different individuals coming together and hopefully finding a way to end the menacing clutches of Greys. 

This book is a rollercoaster ride of adventure and excitement. There was anticipation to see the silver lining of hope when the evil reached its peak. The author navigates through multiple layers of intrigues that would ultimately satisfy any sci-fi enthusiasts and the fact that the exploration of alien species were so well done uncovering secrets and truths with shocking pace. The stunning creative imagination and fast paced narration, this book has moved itself to the top of my list. Each character had their own personality and a past of consequences. Their extraordinary abilities captured my attention from the beginning.

It’s a perfect book to read if you are into massive alien invasion, extensive power corruption and other elements of surprises which are the cornerstones of an excellent sci-fi novel.

Review provided by Simran Datta  @Simranreadsitall